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Godojo is a cutting-edge software system designed to manage bookings, quickly process payments, and attract new clients for professionals in the sports and fitness industry.

Why Godojo?

Our mission is to help personal trainers and sports instructors achieve their financial goals through our unique and innovative platform.

Easy Bookings

Easily manage multiple bookings and block out your time exactly how you want.


Keep everything simple and have all that you need in one single place.


Don't miss a booking! Built in Calendar with live integration to Google.

Keep your sessions organised!

With bookings, calendar integration, upcoming sessions, previous sessions, all featured in app it’s simple to keep track of everything.

Our Key Features

Take a look through some of the key features of Godojo and how you can use it to better optimize your life and get better clients!

Brad Riddell

Kickboxing & UFC Champion

GoDojo is an awesome way to reach clients who are willing to pay a premium for high-level, world class expertise from a professional. GoDojo eliminates that awkwardness by allowing professional athletes to leverage their profile and skill without having to personally market themselves, having to hire backend administrative support, or buy additional third party software for client scheduling or payment processing.

Lou Langrish


GoDojo is a great way to reach new clients and have training sessions all organized. It's user friendly and like how there are many categories available - plus it's definitely a bonus the trainers are reputable and professional in their field. The fitness industry is the best industry there is! So take up any opportunity you can, to expand your skills for yourself, and/or to train and pass on to others. Get amongst it, nothing to lose and heaps to gain! Thanks from Lou.

Jason Suttie

World Champion K1 Fighter

This app has changed the way I manage my clientele and has grown my reach in making my business more professional and ease for communication to all.


Receiving service fees, charging no-shows by 24 hour cancelation policy, and no late payments is all intelligently handled by the Godojo platform.


Godojo’s smart discovery engine ranks athlete suitability with users to ensure the effective matching of trainers with clients.


Smarter than a Google search, faster than visiting a gym – Godojo is the best way to find the perfect personal trainer in no time at all.

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